Some of my brilliant readers know that I pore over every single boxscore produced in the Valley League each season. I also calculate the “game score” for each starting pitcher each and every night (to see an explanation of how to calculate game score, see this site). From the 2015 season, I kept a list of any start that earned a game score of 70 or better. There were 52 such starts. Would you like to see the list of the best starts overall? Of course you would! Here they are…. (In case of a tie, I chose the more “impressive” start. Totally subjective. The numbers go like this: innings pitched-hits-runs-earned runs-walks-strikeouts)

10. Reid Van Woert, Aldie vs. Strasburg July 23: 7-3-0-0-2-8, win, 77 game score

9. Robert White, Charlottesville vs. Covington July 20: 7-2-1-1-1-9, win, 77 game score

8. Reid Clements, Covington vs Harrisonburg June 18: 8-3-1-1-2-7, win, 77 game score

7. Blake Ream, Staunton vs Strasburg July 26: 7-0-0-0-5-5, win, 77 game score

6. Tyler Howe, Waynesboro vs New Market June 13: 7-2-0-0-1-6, win, 78 game score

5. Hayden McCutcheon, Charlottesville vs. Strasburg July 7: 9-6-1-1-1-9, win, 79 game score

4. Ari Kaufman, Charles Town vs Waynesboro July 9: 7-2-0-0-1-8, win, 80 game score

3. Steven Ridings, Charles Town vs Front Royal July 13: 8-4-2-2-1-15, no decision, 80 game score

2. Michael Elwood, Front Royal vs Woodstock July 23: 8-4-0-0-0-8, win, 82 game score

And the best start in the Valley League, by a rather large margin:

  1. Brett Sasse, Waynesboro vs Woodstock July 6: 9-2-0-0-0-6, win, 89 game score!