1994-2019 League Record Book

Coming soon- this page will have links to each category from the brand-new, freshly expanded Valley League Record Book!

Batting Average, from Michael Wielansky to Nate Rewers and Michael Garza

On-Base Percentage, from Nick Sinay to Andrew Eyster and Wes Clarke

Slugging Percentage, from Andrew Eyster to Jason Michaels and Marcus Nidiffer

Runs Scored, from Leo Rojas with 59 to eight guys with 45

Hits, from Tyler Kuhn and Cory Spangenberg with 81 to three guys with 68

Doubles, with Jimmy Yezzo leading the way

Triples, hello Cody Wilson

Home runs, a really long list, starting with Joseph Odom

RBIs, again with Jimmy Yezzo leading

Total Bases, with 2012 holding down five spots

Walks, with Jason Kipnis leading the way

Stolen Bases, hello to Juan Pierre

ERA, from BJ Benik to Adam Liberatore

Wins, beginning with the 9-0 duo Dan Goebeler and Dustin Umberger

Saves, starting with Adam Zipko

Innings Pitched, a fascinating look at how baseball used to be played

Strikeouts, with Jon Rauch crushing the rest of the list