#12 Hitter: Jose Carrera, Covington

Our #12 hitter in the 2015 Valley League season, Jose Carrera, is our first repeat customer, so to speak. Jose, who played for Covington, is the first player on the list returning to the Valley League for a second season. And he was excellent both years, of course.

In 2015, Jose hit 325/397/413 in 40 games and 160 at-bats, along with 27 runs, 13 RBIs, 9 doubles, a triple, a home run, and 22 stolen bases, against only 4 caught stealing. He also controlled the strike zone well, putting up a solid 13/15 BB/K ratio. Jose had 4 hits in a game twice, and 3 hits in a game three times.

The junior from Manhattan College was also very good in 2014, when he hit 331/392/438, also for Covington. He has been a mainstay in the Lumberjack lineup for 80 games now- half a major league season!

At Manhattan as a freshman in 2014, Jose hit 260/321/342 in 50 games and 196 at-bats. He hit 10 doubles, 3 triples, stole 26 bases, and had an 18/24 BB/K ratio. In 2015, Jose played in 20 games before he was injured and missed the rest of the year. He hit 190/358/317 in only 63 at-bats.

This kind of player makes the Valley League what it is- Jose missed a bit chunk of his college season, and he needed at-bats to continue his development. He got the at-bats, and put up great numbers as well.

Congratulations, Jose, for not only one great season, but two!

(Austin Bachand/Daily News-Record)
(Austin Bachand/Daily News-Record)

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