#2 Hitter: Bradley Jones, Charles Town

Bradley Jones Charleston 2015ATVL’s 2nd best hitter in the 2015 Valley League season is College of Charleston’s Bradley Jones!

Bradley may be best known for crushing home run after home run in the second-to-last round of the 2015 Home Run Derby (with his dad pitching), but he produced at the plate in “normal” circumstances as well. Bradley was a mainstay in Charles Town’s lineup, finishing the season with a 333/380/590 stat line in 117 at-bats. He scored 19 runs, drove in 24, hit 12 doubles and 6 home runs, stole 5 bases, and had a 10/22 BB/K ratio. he finished tied for 6th in batting average in the league, and first in slugging. His home run total tied with 3 others for the top spot in the regular season. He appears to have a pretty bright future ahead of him, too, as two of my Valley League contacts said he was the best pro prospect in the entire league.

At Charleston in 2014, as a freshman, Bradley hit 210/275/270 in 100 at-bats. He hit 3 doubles, a home run, and had a 9/30 BB/K ratio.

He took a huge step forward in 2015, hitting 309/ 394/586 in 181 at-bats, along with 40 runs, 45 RBIs, 13 doubles, 2 triples, 11 home runs, and a 24/52 BB/K ratio. He was named All-CAA 2nd team after the season. I can’t help but wonder how he might produce in 2016 with another step forward in his development!

Congratulations, Bradley!

Bradley Jones Charleston swinging

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IMG_4177 compressed

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