#10 Reliever: Frankie Romano, Waynesboro

Frankie Romano Stetson 2016The 10th best reliever in the 2015 Valley League season is Waynesboro’s Frankie Romano!

Ramano, continuing the long tradition of standouts in the Valley from the Stetson Hatters, went 1-1, 0.54 in 14 games for the Generals. He allowed 11 hits and 7 walks in 16 2/3 innings, while striking out 15. His WHIP was 1.078, BB/9 at 3.8, and K/9 at 8.1. He had 4 saves during the regular season, and added 2 more in the playoffs.

At Stetson, Frankie redshirted in 2013, but as a RS freshman in 2014, he received only 7 innings of work. As a sophomore in 2015, he went 1-0, 2.64 in 26 games. He allowed 25 hits, 17 walks, and struck out 20 in 30 2/3 innings pitched. He had a 1.37 WHIP, 5.0 BB/9, and 5.9 K/9. He also pitched in the Florida Collegiate summer league in 2013 and 2014.

Nice job, Frankie!

Frankie Romano Stetson


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