2015 Full Season A Hitter of the Year

As most of you know, below Double-A, the minor leagues is split into full season leagues and short-season leagues, and then “rookie” leagues. I decided to split ATVL’s awards into the same categories in 2015.

So this award, the “full season” A ball hitter and pitcher of the season, will go to a player from one of the following: California, Midwest, Carolina, Florida State, and South Atlantic leagues.

2014 Winner: Rudy Flores (Haymarket 2010)

2015 Winner: Ryan McBroom (Haymarket 2011-2012)

Ryan McBroom Lansing headshotRyan McBroom, Toronto’s 15th round draft pick in 2014, easily had the best full season hitting season. He played in Lansing, of the Midwest League, and finished the season at 315/387/482 in 127 games and 461 at-bats. He scored 72 runs, drove in 90, hit 39 doubles, 1 triple, 12 home runs, and had a solid 49/96 BB/K ratio. He has proven himself to be a productive minor league season over his two years in the minors!

Others to Consider

Jay Gonzalez (Harrisonburg 2011)- 268/381/325, 72 runs, 11 doubles, 8 triples, 42 RBIs, 87/133 BB/K, 34 stolen bases combined for Frederick and Delmarva.

Joseph Bennie (Strasburg 2011)- 272/363/430, 63 runs, 35 doubles, 3 triples, 11 home runs, 56 RBIs, 66/137 BB/K, and 14 stolen bases for Beloit.

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