Cooney Also Named Angels Prospect

Harrison CooneySometimes an unexpected name pops up in my reading about prospects. Do you know why this is, Brilliant Reader? Because sometimes present results don’t equal future success. Or current ability.

Take Harrison Cooney (Front Royal 2012), for example. In 2014, Harrison went 9-8, 2.65, with 91 strikeouts in 129 innings in the Midwest League. Solid season, of course. In 2015, he moved up to Inland Empire in the California League. He finished the season 1-15, 6.54, with 104 strikeouts in 136 1/3 innings. Did his game fall apart?

We need to be careful making assumptions. We know that the Cal League is very much a hitter’s league- much more so than the Midwest League- so that may be part of it. Sometimes the parent club can ask a player to work on a specific pitch, or scrap an effective pitch for a period of time. At any rate, less-than-optimal results do not necessarily mean that Harrison’s future is less promising. Because….

Fangraphs still mentioned Cooney in its “quick hits” section, with the following writeup:

RHP Harrison Cooney has a good fastball-slider combo, but he lacks balance in his delivery, and his stride direction dramatically changes the quality of his pitches. Could be a bullpen option if he can clean things up a little.

Not a huge analysis, by any measure, but Harrison still can make progress in his chosen profession!

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