2016 Draft Results

Major League baseball held their annual June amateur draft this week. As usual, ATVL kept track as the players’ names scrolled by. (This is the place for a caveat, though- it’s quite possible that I’ve missed someone, especially if they’re in the Valley in 2016. Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone. (Also, my qualification is that everyone on the following list appeared in a game in the VBL.)) This year, 23 former Valley Leaguers were drafted- the fewest since I started keeping track in 2006 (the next fewest was in 2013, when 40 players were drafted). Also, Matt Albanese was the latest first pick from the league since 2006 as well. (In 2015, JC Cardenas was the first VBLer drafted- in the 6th round, #182 overall. He was the next closest to Albanese.) I do not know why these numbers were so low this year. At any rate, here are the (as of now) 23 players drafted over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

2016 Drafted Players

Round, Pick, Name, College, VL Team, ML Team

7   213 Matt Albanese, Bryant, Aldie 2014, Minnesota Twins
12  350 Brandon Gold, Georgia Tech, Harrisonburg 2014, Colorado Rockies
13  406 Shane Billings, Wingate, Harrisonburg 2015, St. Louis Cardinals
14  411 Gabriel Garcia, Broward, Winchester 2016, Milwaukee Brewers
17  523 Dillon Drabble, Seminole State, Charles Town 2015, Kansas City Royals
18  552 Bradley Jones, Charleston, Charles Town 2015, Toronto Blue Jays
22  652 Roger Gonzalez, Winthrop, Waynesboro 2013, Oakland A’s
24  712 Robert Bennie, East Stroudsburg, Waynesboro 2014, Oakland A’s
25  763 Robby Rinn, Bryant, Aldie 2013, Kansas City Royals
27  802 Cole Gruber, Nebraska Omaha, Waynesboro 2014, Oakland A’s
27  826 Michael O’Reilly, Flagler, Woodstock 2014, St. Louis Cardinals
28  851 Jake Perkins, Ferrum, New Market 2013-14, Staunton 2015, Los Angeles Dodgers
29  867 Steven Ridings, Messiah, Charles Town 2014-15, Seattle Mariners
30  915 Chris Cook, East Tennessee State, Waynesboro 2015, Pittsburgh Pirates
31  930 Joey Roach, Georgia State, Harrisonburg 2013-14, Tampa Bay Rays
33  980 Tyler Orris, Millersville, Waynesboro 2014, Colorado Rockies
33  998 Bryson Bowman, Western Carolina, Charles Town 2015, New York Yankees
35 1042 Daniel Rafferty, Bucknell, Strasburg 2015, Oakland A’s
35 1049 Billy Endris, Florida Atlantic, Charles Town 2014, Arizona Diamondbacks
37 1097 James Ziemba, Duke, Harrisonburg 2015, Philadelphia Phillies
37 1123 Justin Camp, Auburn, Harrisonburg 2013, Kansas City Royals
38 1147 Chaz Pal, USC Aiken, Charles Town 2014, Houston Astros
39 1161 Jose Gomez, St. Thomas, Front Royal 2016, Milwaukee Brewers

Charles Town- 6
Harrisonburg, Waynesboro- 5
Aldie- 2
Winchester, Woodstock, New Market, Staunton, Strasburg, Front Royal- 1

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