A Look at the Playoff Race

With only three nights left in the regular season, let’s take a look at where we stand:


  1. Strasburg Express, 28-11, 3 games left: @Winchester, @Staunton, Purcellville… Express have a 6 game lead. Northern division has been clinched for the first time in the team’s history.
  2. Winchester Royals, 22-17, 3 games left: Strasburg, @Purcellville, @Woodstock… one win or one Front Royal loss will clinch 2nd place for the Royals.
  3. Front Royal Cardinals, 20-20, 2 games left: Staunton, @New Market… One win or one Purcellville loss will clinch 3rd place for FR. As seen in Winchester’s line, if the Cards win both, and the Royals lose all 3, they will be tied at 22-20. They are tied 3-3 in head to head games, of course.
  4. Purcellville Cannons, 17-22, 3 games left: @Woodstock, Winchester, @Strasburg… One loss or one Front Royal win means no better than 4th… Cannons lead New Market by 1.5 games- one Cannon win PLUS one New Market loss with eliminate the Rebels.
  5. New Market Rebels, 16-24, 2 games left: @Woodstock, Front Royal… New Market needs to win at least one of their final games, along with help from Purcellville. Again, one Cannon win PLUS one New Market loss equals no playoffs for the Rebs.
  6. Woodstock River Bandits, 11-28, 3 games left: Purcellville, New Market, Winchester… Bandits have been eliminated from the playoff chase.


  1. Waynesboro Generals, 27-11, 4 games left: @Charlottesville, @Charlottesville, Covington, Staunton… Generals have a 2-game lead over the Turks for the Division, but a 3-game lead in the loss column. Two Waynesboro wins AND one Turk loss clinches the division.
  2. Harrisonburg Turks, 26-14, 2 games left: @Charlottesville, @Charlottesville… See Generals writeup. Turks have clinched at least 2nd place in the divison.
  3. Covington Lumberjacks, 22-18, 2 games left: @Waynesboro, Charlottesville… It doesn’t matter what the Jacks do- they are in 3rd place, and will travel to the #2 team for game one of the playoffs soon.
  4. Staunton Braves, 14-25, 3 games left: @Front Royal, Strasburg, @Waynesboro… 1 game ahead of Charlottesville for the final playoff spot. Tough three games for the Braves. Too close to call yet.
  5. Charlottesville Tom Sox, 12-25, 5 games left: Waynesboro, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg, @Covington. Wow. Five games in three days, two doubleheaders in two days, and all five games against the top three in the division. The Sox will need to win at least two of these games, but that’s only if Staunton loses all of their remaining games. Let’s take another look at this after tonight’s games.

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