Crunching Some Numbers

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned this before, but most Valley League seasons, I keep track of all statistics, both home and away, to later find out how each home field “plays” in regards to runs scored, doubles, triples, and home runs. (A long, long (and super work-intensive) post will come later on with those numbers.

My raw data is now complete for four VBL teams- Charlottesville, New Market, Staunton, and Woodstock. While looking over the numbers, I found some interesting things.

So, as usual, take a look:

  • Charlottesville went 10-12 at home, and 5-15 on the road. The Tom Sox were outscored 88-101 at home, and 86-106 on the road. Only 3 triples were hit at Charlottesville all year (8 on the road), and while the Tom Sox hit the same number of home runs at home as its opponents (7), they were outhomered 13-8 on the road.
  • New Market went 9-12 both at home and on the road. Even though the Rebs ended up 6 games under .500, they played much closer to 21-21, as they were outscored by only 3 runs at home, and outscored their opponents by 1 run on the road. This is an odd one- the Rebels hit 9 home runs at Rebel Park (opponents hit 13), but hit 23 on the road! (Opponents hit only 12.) The Rebels “out-doubled” their opponents, too (by 6 at home, and 7 on the road).
  • Staunton has the most extreme difference between home and away so far. The Braves went 11-11 in Staunton, but 4-18 elsewhere. The Braves scored 141 runs at home while giving up 138, but scored only 68 runs on the road- while giving up 137! 68 runs in 22 games= 3.1 per game on the road. The Braves’ home park played up home runs- 45 were hit there this summer, while the Braves and opponents hit only 20 elsewhere.
  • Woodstock. Oh, dear. The Bandits went 5-16 at home, and 6-15 on the road. Run prevention was an issue, as the Bandit staff gave up 187 runs at Central and 140 on the road, while the lineup scored 111 at home and 95 on the road. That comes out to 8.9 runs allowed per game at home- not a recipe to win many games in front of the faithful.

That’s all for now. Three teams are on the brink tonight (Harrisonburg, Purcellville, and Winchester), so perhaps I’ll be finishing raw data for a couple more teams tomorrow?

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