The End of an Era?

When I was scrolling through the minor league transactions a couple days ago, I noticed that Chad Oberacker has been released by the Arizona Diamondbacks. While this may not be the end of an era, it certainly is the end of something, as Chad was the last Fauquier Gator in organized ball.

Here is the list of Gators who played in the minor or major leagues:

From the 2007 Gators: Brent Greer and Daniel Ottone

2008: Ryan Dennick (only alum to play in the majors- still pitching in Independent Leagues), Shawn Griffith, Daniel Petitti, Austin Hubbard, Daniel Ottone (again), Eric Alessio, and Chad Pierce

2009: Chad Oberacker, Rick Pacione, Chad Pierce (again), and Matt Wessinger

That’s 11 different players over 3 years, and 1 major leaguer.

If you’re interested, here is how the teams fared:

2007: 14-30 (No playoffs)

2008: 27-17 (Lost in first round of playoffs to Covington)

2009: 21-23 (No playoffs)

Total: 62-70 .470 winning percentage



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