League Record Book: Doubles

The next offensive category from the Valley League in the years 2004-2016 is doubles! Take a look:

1 Jimmy Yezzo Winchester 2012 21
2 Matt Holland Front Royal 2010 19
Brad Zebedis Strasburg 2011 19
4 James Roche Front Royal 2010 18
5 Jamie McOwen Luray 2006 17
Steve Sabins Winchester 2010 17
Hunter Newman Front Royal 2014 17
Gunnar McNeill Staunton 2014 17
Thatcher Coleman New Market 2015 17
10 Daniel Murphy Luray 2005 16
Jared Simon Front Royal 2009 16
AJ Wirnsberger Luray 2009 16
Carter Pharis Strasburg 2016 16

Hey, a Daniel Murphy sighting! Dan’s the only major leaguer on the list. Jimmy Yezzo, Matt Holland, James Roche, Jamie McOwen, and Jared Simon are all former minor leaguers, while Hunter Newman is a current minor leaguer.

Carter Pharis is the only 2016 player to make the list, sneaking on there with 16 doubles!

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