League Record Book: ERA

Good evening, Valley League fans!

We’re back after a lengthy layoff with our league record book- moving on to pitchers. So here is the list of the top ERAs since I started keeping track in 2004.

1 Aaron Cressley New Market 2013 0.62
2 Campbell Scholl Waynesboro 2016 0.91
3 Erne Valdes Front Royal 2016 1.04
4 Daniel Thorpe Aldie 2013 1.10
Richard Winters Woodstock 2013 1.10
6 Drew Rucinski Luray 2008 1.13
7 Ben Wade Covington 2005 1.17
8 Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 1.26
Lance Baxter Staunton 2008 1.26
10 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 1.29

As you can see, brilliant reader, Campbell Scholl and Erne Valdes jumped on this list after their outstanding 2016 campaigns. (Maybe I should use a different word than “campaign?”)

Drew Rucinski is the only major leaguer on the list. Aaron Cressley is a current minor leaguer, while Robert Gilliam, Lance Baxter, and Dustin Umberger have pitched in the minor leagues in the past.

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