League Record Book: Innings Pitched

“Innings Pitched” is not a very sexy category, is it? I thought it was interesting, though, so I decided to include it this year.

Most innings pitched since the 2004 Valley League season:

1 Tucker Pryor Front Royal 2008 79.0
2 Joshua MacDonald New Market 2005 76.0
3 Aaron Luchterhand Harrisonburg 2011 73.0
4 Drew Granier Harrisonburg 2010 72.2
5 Kyle Dubois Woodstock 2004 72.1
6 Lee Tabor New Market 2005 71.0
7 Peden Rucker Winchester 2005 70.2
8 Ross Fetterly New Market 2007 69.2
9 Jon Dages Waynesboro 2007 68.2
Ben Hildreth Haymarket 2008 68.2

Why is this instructive? The latest pitcher to join this list was a full five seasons ago- Aaron Luchterhand, in 2011. This year, Brandon Caples (Purcellville AND Harrisonburg) got the closest- he finished with 62 1/3 innings pitched. Managers are functioning with pitch counts and innings limits more and more, so this isn’t surprising.

Also, it’s strange that only two members of this list went on the play affiliated baseball- Drew Granier and Lee Tabor. I believe both are retired now.

Next up is the much-more-sexy category of strikeouts!

Tucker Pryor, way back in 2009


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