Povse Traded to Seattle

Max Povse Carolina 2016One of the more heralded prospects to come out of the Valley League in the last few years, Max Povse (Staunton 2013), has been traded from the Atlanta Braves to the Seattle Mariners.

A 3rd round pick in the 2014 draft, Max advanced to Double-A Mississippi in 2016. His size (he’s 6-foot-8) and stuff (he can run his fastball up to 94) make him a possibility to play in the majors soon. Max was traded along with Rob Whalen for the Mariner’s 1st round pick in 2014, Alex Jackson.

Baseball America had this to say about Max in his writeup:

His fastball sits 90-92 mph and can get up to 94 and his main secondary offerings are a solid overhand curveball and changeup with improving depth. His stuff plays up because his extension makes the ball jump on the hitter quickly, while his long limbs constantly move in his delivery to throw off hitters’ sense of timing and ability to locate the ball. As a result Povse keeps the ball on the ground and limits hard contacts, with 24 percent more groundouts than airouts in 2016 as he ascended to Double-A and only nine home runs allowed in 158 innings. As a 6-foot-8, ground-ball aficionado who throws strikes, Povse evokes comparisons to former Mariners righthander Doug Fister and could be ready to contribute in the majors as soon as 2017.

“As soon as 2017” sounds pretty good. Good luck with your new organization, Max!

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