Minor League Record Book: Career Triples

Finally a list without Clint Robinson at the top! Let’s just say that with all of Clint’s talents, running fast is not one of them.

Anyway, here is the list for most career minor league triples since the 2006 draft!

1 Tony Thomas Harrisonburg ’05 48
2 Tyler Kuhn Luray ’06-07 42
3 Chad Oberacker Fauquier ’09 34
4 Ben Guez Covington ’06 33
5 Tyler Bortnick Front Royal ’06 30
6 Cory Spangenberg Winchester ’10 29
Sherman Johnson Covington ’09-’10 29
8 Adam Calderone Woodstock ’04 28
9 Scott Cousins Harrisonburg ’05 26
10 Tyson Auer Luray ’05-06 23
Ryan Schimpf Luray ’08 23
Collin Cowgill Covington ’05 23

Not a ton of hope for rapid movement in this one. Tyler Bortnick is still active, even though he’s a minor league free agent at the moment. Sherman Johnson is still active in the Angels’ system, and Cory Spangenberg, Ryan Schimpf, and Collin Cowgill are all mostly major leaguers now. (Although all will probably see more minor league at-bats before their respective careers are finished.)

All the others- Thomas , Kuhn, Oberacker, Guez, Calderone, Cousins, and Auer are no longer in affiliated ball.

Sherman Johnson
Sherman Johnson

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