Minor League Record Book: Career RBIs

In the last installment of the record book, we looked at home runs- now let’s look at the outcome- RBIs.

1 Clint Robinson Harrisonburg ’05-06 587
2 Joey Butler New Market ’06 441
3 Tony Thomas Harrisonburg ’05-06 422
4 Ryan Schimpf Luray ’08 391
5 Eric Campbell Luray ’06 377
6 Ben Guez Covington ’06 376
7 Rebel Ridling Covington ’06 374
8 Rudy Flores Haymarket ’10 337
9 Blake Tekotte Woodstock ’06 336
10 Collin Cowgill Covington ’05 324

Quite a bit of movement happened on this list in 2016. Joey Butler passed Tony Thomas into 2nd place, and Eric Campbell passed Blake Tekotte, Rebel Ridling, and Ben Guez to move into 5th. Rudy Flores also swept past Collin Cowgill and Blake Tekotte to finish in 8th place. Ryan Schimpf also passed Ridling and Guez. That was a ton of shifting on my spreadsheet.

Clint Robinson is still in 1st place by far, though, and still holds a 146-RBI lead on Joey Butler. That will take at least 2 years for Butler to catch up, assuming full-time play.

Next up is walks!

Eric Campbell, in 5th place
Eric Campbell, in 5th place (Getty Images)

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