Minor League Record Book: Hits in a Season

After John Raynor’s (New Market) show in the category of minor league runs in a season, here is the next installment- hits in a minor league season!

1 Tyler Kuhn Luray ’06-07 2011 168
2 Rebel Ridling Covington ’06 2009 166
3 Clint Robinson Harrisonburg ’05-06 2011 164
4 Clint Robinson Harrisonburg ’05-06 2010 160
5 Jason Kipnis Covington ’06-07 2010 159
6 Rudy Flores Haymarket ’10 2014 158
7 Tyson Auer Luray ’05-06 2010 154
8 Jonathan Griffin Luray ’10 2012 153
9 James McOwen Luray ’05-06 2009 152
Mac Williamson Harrisonburg ’11 2013 152

Like the last list, not much has changed recently; Rudy Flores’s 2014 season is the latest to make the cut.

Clint Robinson appears twice, and is one of three to make the majors, along with Jason Kipnis and Mac Williamson. Tyler Kuhn, who was a fantastic hitter in his day, leads the list, but, unfortunately, is also out of affiliated ball. So is Ridling, Auer, Griffin, and McOwen. Flores is the only player still active who has not played in the majors.

Counting Clint Robinson once, the Turks have 2 players on the list, as does Covington (teammates in 2006!). But Luray is at the top, with 4 different players. That leaves Haymarket with the other.

Will anyone get close in 2017?

Tyler Kuhn back in 2012
Tyler Kuhn back in 2012

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