Best Starts in 2016 Valley League Season

Naming a hitter and pitcher of the day throughout a typical Valley League season is a ton of work, but it also means that much of the “research” is finished for later on.

Take this list, for example- the best starts in the 2016 season, ranked by game score. The list was relatively easy to compile because of previous work.

Anyway, game score is a metric invented by Bill James that gives points for different outcomes. Here’s the link to the wikipedia entry to help explain it (what kind of English teacher AM I?).

Let’s list them from “worst,” which is still fantastic, by the way, to first. The row of numbers will go like this: innings pitched-hits-runs-earned runs-walks-strikeouts.

T13. 74- Wil Hartsell, Charlottesville, vs Winchester, July 22: 7-4-1-0-1-8

T13. 74- Corey Childress, Harrisonburg, vs Covington, July 14: 8-4-2-0-1-5

T13. 74- Zach Sloan, Purcellville, vs Woodstock, June 28: 7-4-0-0-0-5

12. 75- Donnie Sellers, Harrisonburg, vs Charlottesville, June 19: 6-0-0-0-1-4

T10. 76- Garrett Richards, Strasburg, vs Woodstock, July 23: 8-2-1-1-2-4

T10. 76- Donte Lindsay, Harrisonburg, vs Purcellville, July 13: 7-4-1-1-0-11

9. 77- Erne Valdes, Front Royal, vs Staunton, June 3: 6.2-3-0-0-1-10

8. 78- Alex London, Purcellville, vs Front Royal, July 3: 7-1-0-0-3-6

7. 79- Drew Mancuso, Woodstock, vs Front Royal, June 29: 7-6-1-0-0-6

6. 82- Vince Braman, Waynesboro, vs Front Royal, August 1: 9-5-0-0-1-6

5. 84- Erne Valdes, Front Royal, vs Woodstock, June 29: 6-0-0-0-0-12

4. 85- Blake Whitney, Front Royal, vs Staunton, July 7: 7-2-0-0-1-13

3. 87- Wil Hartsell, Charlottesville, vs Front Royal, June 7: 8-1-0-0-1-8

2. 88- Sam Vincenzo, Staunton, vs Winchester, June 15: 9-1-0-0-1-4

And the best start of the entire 2016 Valley League season was made by….

  1. 89- Tyler Howe, Waynesboro, vs Staunton, July 28: 9-2-0-0-3-9

Some numbers:

  • Erne Valdes and Wil Hartsell are the only pitchers with more than one start on the list
  • Victims:
    • Front Royal- 4
    • Woodstock, Staunton- 3
    • Winchester- 2
    • Covington, Charlottesville, Purcellville- 1
    • Harrisonburg, New Market, Strasburg, Waynesboro- 0
  • Counting Valdes and Hartsell as one, here is the team breakdown:
    • Harrisonburg- 3
    • Purcellville, Waynesboro, Front Royal- 2
    • Charlottesville, Strasburg, Woodstock, Staunton- 1
    • Winchester, Covington, New Market- 0

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