Major League Record Book: Career Wins

We will now turn our attention to the pitchers who have been drafted since 2006. Fewer categories for the throwers, and almost all the major league pitchers from the Valley have been relievers, but we’ll take a look anyway.

Career wins:

1 Chris Perez Staunton ’04 16
2 Tyler Thornburg Winchester ’08 14
3 Brandon Beachy Woodstock ’08 12
4 David Carpenter Covington ’04 11
Will Harris Staunton ’03 11
6 Chad Kuhl New Market ’12 5
7 Adam Liberatore Waynesboro ’07-8 4
Brad Mills Harrisonburg ’05 4
Josh Edgin Winchester ’07 4
Chris Devenski Woodstock ’11 4

Well, spoiler alert: Chris Perez leads all the career categories for pitchers. He pitched in 393 games in the majors, way more than everyone else.

Chad Kuhl made his major league debut in June of 2016, and jumped up to #6 on the list. He is one of the few starters on the list; Brandon Beachy and Brad Mills are as well.

Chris Perez
Chris Perez

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