Three More: Huffman, Billings, and Adams

Let’s take another quick look at three former Valley Leaguers in the minor leagues who are off to pretty good starts:

  • Chris Huffman (Staunton 2012-13) is pitching very well for High-A Lake Elsinore. He’s currently 1-1, 1.17, with 16 hits, 3 walks, and 17 K’s in 23 innings. He has two of the top 12 starts of VBL alumni in the minors so far this season. In his career, he’s 20-13, 3.41 in 280 innings pitched.
  • Shane Billings (Harrisonburg 2015) is hitting 306/324/306 in 36 at-bats for Peoria in the Midwest League so far. All 11 of his hits have been singles. In his very young career, he’s hitting 251/277/278 in 227 AB.
  • I’m convinced that Austin Adams (Staunton 2011) will make the major leagues this year. In Triple-A Syracuse so far in 2017, he’s 2-1, 0.82, with 1 save, in 11 innings pitched. He’s struck out 17 batters, but has also walked 8. Austin was traded from the Angels to the Nationals in December of 2016. In his entire career, he’s 10-8, 3.61, with 164 walks and 298 strikeouts in 229 1/3 innings.

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