Power Rankings #1

It is time once again, dear reader, to take a look at ATVL’s “Power Rankings!”

This is a dubious exercise, to be sure. Don’t wins and losses already rank the teams? Yes and no. While wins and losses are ultimately what will decide which team wins the championship this summer, it can also be fun to try to rank the teams by looking at some team stats, like ERA, batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage.

So, we’ll just admit right up front that this is ridiculous, even if real journalists compile this list for the highest level in the land.

Our first attempt at power rankings just about halfway through the season follows. The lines are teams, record, ERA, batting average/on base percentage/slugging percentage, and then something to keep in mind.

  1. Charlottesville: 12-5, 3.34, 284/383/388, 1st in ERA, BA, and slugging, and 2nd in OBP. TomSox logoMichael Wielansky and Vinnie Pasquantino anchor the Ton Sox’s lineup. The Sox are pretty clearly the team to beat right now, and they’ve played 5 more games on the road than at home, too.
  2. Waynesboro: 11-7, 3.42, 283/385/378, 2nd behind the Sox in all the same categories, except leading in OBP. McClain Bradley leads the league in batting average.
  3. Purcellville: 12-7, 3.95, 262/356/377, Thomas Sutera and Dalton Whitaker lead a stellar bullpen.
  4. Front Royal: 10-9, 4.13, 277/374/361, Luc Lipcius and Dominic Canzone are freshmen from power conferences… and are hitting like it.
  5. New Market: 11-9, 3.85, 259/352/370, the Rebs have committed 51 errors leading to 41 unearned runs.
  6. Strasburg: 10-9, 3.95, 256/371/344, Zach Peek and Brendan Smith lead the staff.
  7. Staunton: 8-11, 4.31, 264/352/339, Deacon Medders and Jordan Cox are a solid 1-2 punch in the rotation.
  8. Harrisonburg: 9-11, 4.18, 249/325/327, the Turks are a sleeping giant. They have most of their players now, so watch for rapid improvement.
  9. Winchester: 8-12, 4.98, 261/352/340, Cody Wilson leads the hitting attack.
  10. Woodstock: 9-11, 4.76, 240/341/294, Cash Gladfelter hitting .414… but a whole team slugging under .300?
  11. Covington: 5-14, 6.26, 243/332/326, 161 runs allowed in 164 innings won’t win too many games. But Bruce Strickland is back!


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