Five Sign as Nondrafted Free Agents

Every year after the draft, dozens and dozens of undrafted players will be signed as free agents. Usually, their stay in professional baseball is pretty short, but sometimes a full-fledged career blossoms from this point. (See Brandon Dickson (New Market 2006), or Brandon Beachy (Woodstock 2008), or Robby Scott (Covington 2010))

ATVL will watch the lists of transactions to catch them, hopefully, but if you, Brilliant Reader, know of some that ATVL does not catch, send a message.

Here are the first five players that have been signed as free agents:

Walter Borkovich RHP Michigan State Atlanta Staunton 15
Tad Ratliff RHP Lenior-Rhyne Kansas City Charlottesville 15
Erven Roper C Charleston LA Angels Woodsock 14-5
Jose Carrera SS Manhattan NY Yankees Covington 14-6
Tyler Zombro RHP George Mason Tampa Bay Staunton 14

Ratliff, by the way, faced 6 batters in his pro debut…. and struck them all out.

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