Update on Standings

Through Sunday, July 23- let’s take a look!

North W L Pct. GB
1 Purcellville 24 14 0.632
2 New Market 21 17 0.553 3
3 Winchester 19 19 0.500 5
4 Strasburg 18 19 0.486 5.5
5 Front Royal 17 22 0.436 7.5
6 Woodstock 14 23 0.378 9.5

Front Royal and Woodstock both won last night, and New Market, Winchester, and New Market all lost, making the race a little bit tighter. Let’s look at the teams individually:

  • Purcellville- 4 games left- Covington, @Woodstock, New Market, @Winchester- clinched top two playoff spot, will clinch tie for first with one win or one NM loss. To win overall #1 seed, Cannons will have to win out and Tom Sox lose out.
  • New Market- 4 games left- Winchester, @Purcellville, Woodstock, @Strasburg- still have a shot at winning the division, but it’s not likely. Two games in front of Winchester for #2 in the North. Tuesday’s night game with Winchester will be important for seeding!
  • Winchester- 4 games left- Covington, @New Market, @Charlottesville, Purcellville- 2 games behind NM for #2, one win ahead of Strasburg for #4. A pretty tough last four games for the Royals, though…
  • Strasburg- 5 games left- Harrisonburg, Covington, @Woodstock, @Front Royal, New Market- a half game behind Winchester, two games in front of FR for #4 spot. If records mean anything, Express will win at least 3 of their last 5 games, putting pressure on Royals.
  • Front Royal- 3 games left- Staunton, @Woodstock, Strasburg- things will have to break right for the Cards, but it would be fun to have that last game mean something!
  • Woodstock- 5 games left- @Charlottesville, Purcellville, Front Royal, Strasburg, @New Market- Bandits are 4 games out of last playoff spot with 5 games left. One loss OR one Strasburg win will mean the best the Bandits can do is a tie for the 4th spot.
South W L Pct. GB
1 Charlottesville 28 10 0.737
2 Harrisonburg 20 18 0.526 8
3 Waynesboro 20 20 0.500 9
4 Staunton 17 21 0.447 11
5 Covington 11 26 0.297 16.5
  • ¬†Charlottesville- 4 games left- Woodstock, @Harrisonburg, Winchester, Staunton- clinched 1st in South, one win OR one Purcellville loss will clinch the #1 overall seed for the entire league.
  • Harrisonburg- 4 games left- @Strasburg, Charlottesville, @Staunton, Covington- 2 ahead of Waynesboro in the loss column, meaning the Turks control their own destiny for 2nd place. Tough-looking four games, though.
  • Waynesboro- 2 games left- @Staunton, Covington- 2 losses behind the Turks, while 2 games ahead of Staunton. One win AND one Staunton loss will clinch at least 3rd place for the Generals.
  • Staunton- 4 games left- @Front Royal, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, @Charlottesville- 2 games behind Waynesboro. Braves will need the Generals to lose 1 of their their 2 remaining games, and win out to tie. If Generals lose both, and Staunton wins out, they will steal 3rd place.
  • Covington- 5 games left- @Winchester, @Purcellville, @Strasburg, @Waynesboro, @Harrisonburg. Jacks are eliminated from the playoffs, and they have 5 road trips left. Brutal.

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