League Record Book: On-Base Percentage

The next category for our Valley League record book for the years 2004-2017 is on-base percentage. We had three players join the batting average list from 2017, but none have joined on this one.

Take a look:

1 Nick Sinay Front Royal 2014 0.534
2 Jordan Tarsovich Strasburg 2013 0.522
3 Cole Gruber Waynesboro 2014 0.518
4 Luke Greinke Winchester 2007 0.517
5 Ryan Sullivan Covington 2012 0.516
Blake Sipe Staunton 2012 0.516
7 Mike Schwartz Harrisonburg 2009 0.508
8 Mike Marcinko Waynesboro 2014 0.502
9 Tyler Townsend Winchester 2008 0.500
10 Jason Kipnis Covington 2007 0.498

So it turns out that no one has cracked the list since 2014!

Major leaguers: Jason Kipnis
Minor leaguers, but no longer: Cole Gruber, Luke Greinke, Mike Schwartz, Tyler Townsend
Still in minor leagues: Nick Sinay, Jordan Tarsovich
No affiliated ball: Ryan Sullivan (but I believe he played in the independent Frontier League), Blake Sipe (playing in RCBL), Mike Marcinko

Sinay, by the way, was ATVL’s #10 hitter in the league in 2014. Also by the way, Michael Wielansky (Charlottesville) led the 2017 crop with a .484 OBP.

Sinay in Front Royal in 2014- on base, of course

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