The Traveling Carper Family

One of the great things for me to watch when I go to Valley League games is the way young fans enjoy the game and the players. Valley League players, since they are in college, are pretty open to talking to fans, especially “little” ones.

But that can carry on, too. A few years ago, I went to a minor league game in Williamsport, and spent some time chatting with Daniel Morales, a former Harrisonburg Turk (in 2006).

Ethan Carper, and his dad, Matt, have had that kind of summer. Ethan was featured in a News-Leader article earlier this summer here, and is a huge Staunton Braves fan.) They’ve been traveling, visiting different minor league parks, and checking in with former Valley Leaguers along the way. Matt’s been sending me pictures along the way….


I love that all these young men took the time to pose with Ethan, and perhaps have a short conversation with him! This is what baseball looks like.

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