League Record Book: Total Bases

We’re ready for the latest installment of the Valley League record book from 2004-2017! Cue up the list of most bases in one season….

1 Jimmy Yezzo Winchester 2012 148
2 Joseph Odom Winchester 2012 139
3 Jon Love Front Royal 2004 125
Tyler Kuhn Luray 2006 125
5 Zach Sterry Waynesboro 2016 123
6 Michael Wielansky Charlottesville 2017 122
7 Steve McQuail Front Royal 2009 119
Bradley Picha Winchester 2012 119
9 Jonathan Griffin Luray 2010 117
10 Collin Cowgill Covington 2005 116
11 Leo Rojas Winchester 2012 115

You know what it means, Dear Reader, when we have 11 on a list- someone from 2017 broke the seal! There he is, Charlottesville’s Michael Wielansky, with 122 total bases… just about breaking the top 5.

Major Leagues: Collin Cowgill
Current Minor Leagues: Joseph Odom, Zach Sterry
Previous Minor Leagues: Jimmy Yezzo, Tyler Kuhn, Steve McQuail, Jonathan Griffin
No Minor Leagues: Jon Love, Bradley Picha, Leo Rojas
Still in College: Michael Wielansky

Jimmy Yezzo Hagerstown
Jimmy Yezzo playing for Hagerstown


  1. We’ve seen Jimmy Yezzo at/near the top in so many of these offensive categories, begs the question – what happened to him after Hagerstown? Also, with 4 out these 10, all in 2012, did Winchester at least make it to the VBL Champ series?

    • Dennis, Yezzo was released in 2015 after 49 games for High-A Potomac. He was signed by the Washington Wild Things of the Frontier League, and put up 248/272/431 in 28 games in ’15, and 220/255/383 in 80 games in 2016. He is not playing pro ball in 2017. Winchester went 31-13 in 2012, winning the North Division by 10 games. They swept Strasburg in the first round, 2-0, and Woodstock, 2-0, in the second. They lost in the finals to the Harrisonburg Turks, 3 games to 1. (Oddly, Yezzo was NOT named MVP in 2012- nor any other Royal. The honor went to Waynesboro’s Julian Ridings.)

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