League Record Book: Walks

The next category of our 2004-2017 league record book is walks. Let’s get right to it…

1 Jason Kipnis Covington 2007 49
2 Pat Irvine Waynesboro 2007 48
3 Mike Schwartz Harrisonburg 2009 43
Jay Gonzalez Harrisonburg 2011 43
Mike Marcinko Waynesboro 2014 43
6 Sanchez Gartman New Market 2009 42
Ryan Sullivan Covington 2012 42
8 Chris Aninos Waynesboro 2007 41
Nathan Minnich Winchester 2011 41
Jordan Tarsovich Strasburg 2013 41

It’s really hard to believe that Jason Kipnis walked 49 times in one Valley League season. Although, on second thought, Strasburg’s Turner Buis led the 2017 season with 37, and that’s not all that far away.

Major Leagues: Jason Kipnis
Current Minor Leagues: Jay Gonzalez, Jordan Tarsovich
Previous Minor Leagues: Pat Irvine, Mike Schwartz, Nathan Minnich
No Pro Ball: Mike Marcinko, Sanchez Gartman, Ryan Sullivan, Chris Aninos

We have just one hitting category remaining- stolen bases. Spoiler alert- we have a new record holder in that one!

Jason Kipnis

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