League Record Book: ERA

And now, Dear Reader, we turn our attention to the best ERAs turned in in league play from 2004-2017. Remember that everyone on this list had to qualify for the ERA title, of course.

1 Aaron Cressley New Market 2013 0.62
2 Campbell Scholl Waynesboro 2016 0.91
3 Erne Valdes Front Royal 2016 1.04
4 Daniel Thorpe Aldie 2013 1.10
Richard Winters Woodstock 2013 1.10
6 Drew Rucinski Luray 2008 1.13
7 Ben Wade Covington 2005 1.17
8 Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 1.26
Lance Baxter Staunton 2008 1.26
10 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 1.29

Fun list. Two names are here from 2016, but the best ERA in 2017 was Purcellville’s Thomas Sutera, who finished at 1.41. The best ever was Luray’s Herb Johnson, at 0.29?

Major leagues: Drew Rucinski
Previous minor leagues: Aaron Cressley, Robert Gilliam, Lance Baxter, Dustin Umberger
Current minor leagues: None
Still in college: Campbell Scholl
No pro ball: Erne Valdes, Daniel Thorpe, Richard Winters, Ben Wade


Aaron Cressley
Aaron Cressley, from when he pitched in Eugene in 2014, I believe

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