League Record Book: Wins

Yeah, I know, wins as a counting stat is pretty flawed. Way too much depends on run support, etc etc, but that doesn’t mean that ATVL doesn’t pay attention.

Here is the list of the pitchers with the most wins from the time period of 2004-2017:

1 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 9
2 Clarence Nicely Covington 2005 7
Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 7
Jon Dages Waynesboro 2007 7
Andy Altemus Waynesboro 2008 7
Taylor Sandefur Waynesboro 2010 7
Matt Benedict Haymarket 2010 7
Greg Welsh Winchester 2011 7
Jonathan Armold Front Royal 2011 7
Dillon Ortman Harrisonburg 2012 7
Thomas Sutera Purcellville 2017 7

Dustin Umberger leads the charge with 9 wins on a 26-18 Luray Wranglers club back in 2007. He got the win in 35% of the Wranglers’ team wins that season!

Thomas Sutera slipped onto this list right at the end; interestingly, all his wins came in relief.

Major leagues: none
Current minor leagues: none
Previous minor leagues: Dustin Umberger, Robert Gilliam, Andy Altemus, Matt Benedict, Jonathan Armold, Dillon Ortman
No pro ball: Clarence Nicely, Jon Dages, Taylor Sandefur, Greg Welsh
Still in college: Thomas Sutera

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