League Record Book: Innings Pitched

I have to admit, Brilliant Reader, that innings pitched is not a very “sexy” category, but I decided to include it to show how much the game has changed. Take a look at the highest totals of innings pitched since the 2004 VBL season:

1 Tucker Pryor Front Royal 2008 79.0
2 Joshua MacDonald New Market 2005 76.0
3 Aaron Luchterhand Harrisonburg 2011 73.0
4 Drew Granier Harrisonburg 2010 72.2
5 Kyle Dubois Woodstock 2004 72.1
6 Lee Tabor New Market 2005 71.0
7 Peden Rucker Winchester 2005 70.2
8 Ross Fetterly New Market 2007 69.2
9 Jon Dages Waynesboro 2007 68.2
Ben Hildreth Haymarket 2008 68.2

With pitch counts and college coaches wanting more and more to protect arms (and why not?), the highest total this season was Strasburg’s Benjamin Dum, who ended up with 58 total innings pitched for Strasburg- a full 10 2/3 innings behind Dages and Hildreth. No one has joined this list in 6 seasons now. Interesting, no?

Major leagues: None
Previous minor leagues: Drew Granier, Lee Tabor
Independent Leagues: Peden Rucker, Ben Hildreth
No pro ball: Tucker Pryor, Joshua MacDonald, Aaron Luchterhand, Kyle Dubois, Ross Fetterly, Jon Dages

Tucker Pryor Front Royal
Tucker Pryor throwing for Front Royal in 2008 (Credit: Haymarket Joe, AKA Joseph Cashwell)

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