More Minor League Free Agents

I have to warn you, Dear Reader- this list is a bit alarming. Back on November 1st, I posted a few players who have been released or have filed for free agency. I listed Clint Robinson, Alex Wimmers, and Josh Edgin as newly-minted free agents.

Well, Baseball America released its full list of minor league free agents, and there are many, many more former beloved Valley Leaguers who are looking for gainful employment this off season. (I mean they are former VBLers who are beloved, not players who are formerly beloved, of course.)

Here is a quick look at all 20 of them… (Columns are last name, first name, position, VBL team and year, round drafted and year drafted)

Robinson Clint 1B Harrisonburg 2005-6 25 2007
Wimmers Alex P Luray 2008 (21) 2010
Edgin Josh P Winchester 2007 30 2010
Jay Jon OF Staunton 2004 2 2006
Pennington Cliff SS Harrisonburg 2003 1 2005
Alonso Yonder 1B Luray 2006 (7) 2008
Kratz Erik C Waynes-Har 2000-01 29 2002
Villanueva Elih P Luray 2007 27 2008
Cardullo Stephen OF Covington 2007 24 2010
Kensing Logan P Harrisonburg 2002 2 2003
Noel Rico OF Covington 2008 5 2010
Sosa Ruben OF Harrisonburg 2010 23 2011
Copeland Scott P Staunton 2007 21 2010
Rodriguez Eddy C Luray 2005-6 20 2006
Rickles Nick C Luray 2010 14 2011
McElroy Casey SS Waynesboro 2009 11 2011
Tolliver Ashur P Harrisonburg 2007 5 2009
Adkins Hunter P Staunton 2010 FA 2013
Butler Joey OF New Market 2006 15 2008
Hill Taylor P Winchester 2008 6 2011

Three of these players are likely to get very good major league contracts- Jon Jay, Cliff Pennington, and Yonder Alonso (especially Alonso, who is coming off a career year for Oakland and Seattle).

Most of the others will most assuredly get minor league contracts, if they get contracts at all. Hopefully all of these players will get a chance to continue their careers! (And ATVL will keep everyone updated of course.)

Nick Rickles Phillies org 2017
Nick Rickles with the Phillies org

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