2017 Major League Hitter of the Year

We’ve reached the top! Since we’ve looked at the best hitters and pitchers at each level of the minor leagues, of course we need to look at the ones at the highest level of all.

History first:

2016- Daniel Murphy (Luray 2004-05)
2015- Jason Kipnis (Covington 2006-07)
2014- Brett Gardner (New Market 2003-04)
2013- Jason Kipnis (Covington 2006-07)

So add Daniel Murphy to the list of multiple winners, as he is the 2017 Major League Hitter of the Year- for the second year in a row! Murphy was far and away the best former VBLer in the batter’s box, as he hit 322/384/543 in 534 at-bats, along with 94 runs, 93 RBIs, 43 doubles, 3 triples, 23 home runs, and a 52/77 BB/K ratio. According to baseball reference, this puts Murphy at 4.3 wins above replacement- just on the offensive end. He had a super year!

Others to consider:

  • Yonder Alonso (Luray 2006): 266/365/501, 22 doubles, 28 home runs, 67 RBIs in 451 at-bats
  • Brett Gardner (New Market 2003-04): 264/350/428, 26 doubles, 4 triples, 21 home runs, 23 stolen bases in 594 at-bats
  • Jon Jay (Staunton 2004): 296/374/375 in 379 at-bats, 18 doubles, 3 triples
  • Cory Spangenberg (Winchester 2010): 264/322/401 in 444 at-bats, with 18 doubles, 2 triples, 13 home runs
Dan Murphy
The 2017 Major League Hitter of the Year!

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