Recent Transactions

The major league season has started, which means that spring training has ended… which also means that clubs are starting to pare down in their minor leagues. So that, unfortunately, means that several former Valley Leaguers may be looking for new jobs.

Here are the moves that have happened recently (22 moves in all):

  • The Arizona Diamondbacks released righthander David Carpenter (Covington 2006). David played in the Valley League as a catcher, actually, but has only been a pitcher in pro ball. He has pitched in the majors; he’s appeared in 218 games at the highest level. He was also ATVL’s 2013 and 2014 major league pitcher of the year. He was a free agent signee by the ‘Backs after he crushed the Atlantic League in 2017.
  • James Vasquez (Staunton 2013-14) was released by Cincinnati. James shows how hard it is to hit in pro ball; he was one of the best hitters in the VBL in both of his years, but he hit 256/327/417 in 1,004 minor league at-bats.
  • Robby Rinn (Aldie 2013) was sold by the Kansas City Royals to the Minnesota Twins. Robby was ATVL’s 2017 rookie level hitter of the year after hitting 355/429/511 for Idaho Falls of the Pioneer League.
  • Scott Shuman (Winchester 2007) was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Scott was drafted by Tampa Bay in 2009, but has been in Indy Ball the past three seasons, striking out batters all the way.
  • Bryant Hayman (Staunton 2013) was released by Minnesota. Bryant was a free agent signee in 2015, and played in a total of 76 games in the minors.
  • Tampa Bay has released Chris Pike (Harrisonburg 2012-13). Drafted in 2014, Chris started 69 games in 4 years in the minors. He went 22-25, 3.96, with a 1.344 WHIP, and 245 strikeouts in 395 innings.
  • This is a bummer (they’re all bummers, but this one is a little worse), because the Toronto Blue Jays have released Nick Sinay (Front Royal 2014). Nick received quite a bit of attention last season because of his hit-by-pitch numbers, which are off the charts. In 2017, he was hit 38 times in 79 games! His overall numbers from 3 seasons in the minors are 229/412/282.
  • The Washington Nationals have released Dale Carey (Luray 2011). Acknowledged by all to be a super human being, Dale hit 228/345/342 in 1,103 minor league at-bats.
  • Jack Charleston (Charles Town 2014, of course) was released by the Chicago White Sox. A 30th round draft pick in 2015, Jack went 5-11, 3.17, with 18 saves and a 1.256 WHIP in 84 minor league games. He topped out in Double-A.
  • Tyler Straub (Harrisonburg 2015), released by the Kansas City Royals. Tyler was a free agent signed in 2016. He actually hit quite well- 276/367/389 in 355 rookie-level at-bats.
  • Garrett Kennedy (Luray 2012) hasn’t been released; the Dodgers sold him to the Seattle Mariners.
  • Poor Junior Arrojo (Covington 2008-09). He spent 6 years in the Indy Leagues to finally get a shot, is signed by the Marlins… and then, after only 108 minor league at-bats, he’s been released.
  • The Oakland A’s released Armando Ruiz (Woodstock 2013), their 29th round draft pick in 2015. Ruiz went 7-5, 4.14, with 5 saves and a 1.327 WHIP in 113 minor league innings. He made it to High-A in 2017.
  • The A’s also released a person well known in these parts: Jordan Tarsovich (Strasburg 2013). Jordan hit 414/500/529 for the Express in his MVP year in the Valley. Originally drafted by the Dodgers, Jordan was traded to the A’s before the 2017 season. He hit 238/338/352 in 747 minor league at-bats.
  • The Giants have released Connor Kaden (Harrisonburg 2013-14). Their 27th draft pick in 2014, Connor went 17-9, 3.45, with 7 saves and a 1.328 WHIP in 226 2/3 minor league innings. He topped out in High-A San Jose.
  • The Giants also released former Express Matt Solter (2012). Matt also made it to High-A, and went 11-9, 5.09, with a 1.525 WHIP in 157 1/3 minor league innings.
  • The Seattle Mariners have released Steven Ridings (Charles Town 2014-15). A 29th round pick in 2016, Steven threw 81 2/3 innings over six different levels in his minor league career, going 4-6, 4.08, with a 1.420 WHIP. Steven was one of the best starters in the league in 2015.
  • Taylor Hill (Winchester 2008) was released by the Washington Nationals. Taylor threw 906 1/3 minor league innings, finishing at 47-59, 4.32, and a 1.327 WHIP. He also pitched in 9 major league games in 2014 and 2015.
  • Taylor Cox (New Market 2012) has voluntarily retired. A 16th round draft pick in 2014, Taylor went 6-7, 4.14 in 63 games and 121 2/3 innings pitched.
  • Jim McDade (Strasburg 2013) has also voluntarily retired. Jim was a free agent signee out of Millersville in 2016. He’s been really good in pro ball- he went 9-5, 2.79, with a 1.017 WHIP, 0.8 BB/9, and 7.9 K/9 in 116 innings pitched. He was ATVL’s 2016 rookie level pitcher of the year.
  • Mike Estevez (Charles Town 2013) has been released by the Toronto Blue Jays. Mike was a free agent sign in 2015, but has only appeared in 24 games and 33 innings in pro ball. He’s 3-0, 2.18, with a 1.273 WHIP.
  • Lastly, the Atlanta Braves traded Ryan Schimpf (Luray 2008) to the Los Angeles Angels for catcher Carlos Perez. Ryan hit 34 home runs on the major leagues for the Padres in 2016 and 2017. Weirdly, Ryan did not get a single hit in over 30 Spring Training at-bats.
But here Schimpf is, hitting a home run

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