Team Pro Report: Charles Town/Purcellville Cannons

Cannons_GlassLogo_TSAfter the 2012 season, the Luray Wranglers were sold and moved to Charles Town, where they became the Cannons. The team spent three years in CT, and subsequently moved to Purcellville for the 2016 season.

(Weirdly, a new family came to my school midway through the school year, and they are actually from Purcellville, and have been to Fireman’s Field. I may have gotten a little bit excited at that point…)

So the players up through 2012 get assigned to Luray, but 2013 onwards to the Cannons. The team still has an impressive stable of pro players, even in such a short time.

Here are the ten:

  1. Adam Parks (Charles Town 2013), 33rd round pick in 2014 of the Texas Rangers: Adam went 6-7, 2.75, with 13 saves, a 1.10 WHIP, 2.1 BB/9, and 11.2 K/9 in 118 innings in the minors. Unfortunately, he had Tommy John surgery in August of 2016, and has not returned to the mound since then. lists him as active, and assigned to High-A Down East, but on the 7-day disabled list. We all hope you make it back, Adam!
  2. Emmanuel Marrero (Charles Town 2013), 7th round pick in 2014 of the Phillies: Emmanuel has hit 232/289/312 in 1,211 minor league at-bats. He’s currently at Double-A Reading, where he’s started the 2018 season 6-32. I hope to get to a Reading game this summer… maybe I can catch up with him.
  3. Karl Craigie (Charles Town 2014), 34th round pick in 2017 of the Miami Marlins: Out of UTSA, Karl went 3-0, 4.86 in the Gulf Coast League after being drafted in 2017. He has not been assigned to a full season team.
  4. Dillon Drabble (Charles Town 2015), 17th round in 2016 of the Kansas City Royals: Dillon has gone 6-6, 4.70, with a 1.56 WHIP, 2.7 BB/9, and 7.5 K/9 in 111 minor league innings. He has pitched in 2 games for Low-A Lexington in 2018, but it did not go well; he gave up 5 earned runs in 1 inning. He is not on a roster right now, so I assume that he was returned to extended Spring Training. At least one observer thought Dillon had the best arm in the Valley League in 2015.
  5. Riley Echols (Charles Town 2015), 24th round in 2017 by the Cleveland Indians: Assigned to Mahoning Valley of the New York-Penn League in 2017, Riley went 1-1, 3.86, with 2 saves, a 3.3 BB/9, and 6.3 K/9 in 23 games, all in relief. He has not been assigned to a full season team in 2018.
  6. Bradley Jones (Charles Town 2015), 18th round in 2016 by the Toronto Blue Jays: The winner of the Home Run Derby at the 2015 All-Star game, Bradley has hit 278/329/503 in 551 minor league at-bats. He has power, obviously; he’s hit 32 doubles, 4 triples, and 28 home runs in pro ball so far. Unfortunately, he has struck out 32% of the time, too. We need to remember, though, that Bradley is recovering from a wrist injury last year. It often takes quite a long time to fully come back from that kind of injury. He is currently at High-A Dunedin, where he his hitting 212/224/348 in 66 at-bats… with 30 strikeouts. He was also ATVL’s 2016 Rookie-level Hitter of the Year.
  7. Malik Jones (Purcellville 2016), 23rd round pick in 2017 of the Oakland A’s: Oddly, Malik played for both the Cannons and the Harrisonburg Turks in 2016. He split his first pro year between the Arizona and New York-Penn League, going 1-2, 3.38, with a 1.23 WHIP, 5.3 BB/9, and 9.1 K/9 in 18 2/3 innings.
  8. Will Reed (Purcellville 2016), 20th round in 2017 of the Pittsburgh Pirates: Will pitched only 2 innings for Bristol in the Appy League in 2017, and went down with an elbow injury. He’s not back yet.
  9. DeAires Moses (Purcellville 2016), 19th round in 2016 by the Mariners: DeAires has played in the Arizona League in both 2016 and 2017. He’s hit 287/363/359 with 32 stolen bases in 209 total at-bats. He has not been assigned to a full season team in 2018.
  10. Tyler Ratliff (Purcellville 2016-17), 17th round in 2017 by the Texas Rangers: Tyler has hit 275/341/409 in 276 total minor league at-bats. He started 2017 in the Arizona League, but was called up to Spokane in the Northwest League. In 2018, he was assigned to Hickory in the South Atlantic League, where he has gone 7-45 so far.
IMG_4177 compressed
Bradley Jones at the 2015 Valley League All-Star game

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  1. John – this report demonstrates, yet again, that there is no more truthful and accurate title/label than “All Things Valley League.” Many thanks.

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