Flores Hits #100!

Rudy Flores Reno 2017When Rudy Flores played for Haymarket in 2010, he crushed the league’s pitching in 121 at-bats, slashing 405/447/579, with 9 doubles and 4 home runs. He missed part of the season, and fell short of qualifying for the league batting title. But he was clearly one of the best hitters in the league that year.

Drafted in 2012 (21st round) by the Diamondbacks, Rudy has toiled at six different levels in his seven years so far, and has slashed 282/342/483 overall in 2,329 minor league at-bats.

Last night, batting for Jackson in the Southern League, Rudy hit a 3-run home run in the 5th inning… which might not be notable for its timing, but it is notable for the fact that it was Rudy’s 100th minor league home run!

Since the 2006 draft, Rudy is only the 3rd Valley League alum to hit 100 homers, joining Clint Robinson and Ryan Schimpf. In all of history, Rudy is the 16th, moving into a tie with Dan Pasqua (New Market 1981) and Nick Stavinoha (Front Royal 2003). He’s one home run behind Steve Decker (Front Royal).

Now time will tell if Rudy can use that power to make it to the highest level.

Congratulations, Rudy!

Flores batting in the 2010 Valley League All-Star game

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