Checking in on the Delmarva Players

A number of years ago, I was at a VBL game, and had a short conversation with a scout:

Me: What team are you with?
Him: The Orioles.
Me: Ah! The Orioles have a bunch of former Valley Leaguers in their system!
Him (with a healthy sneer): No we don’t.
Me: *Went back to scoring the game and… just…. let….it….go.*

I looked it up later, of course, and if I remember correctly, Baltimore had at least 8 players in their system at that time. The guy yelled at some kids later, so I think he was having a bad day.

All this to say that the Orioles always seem to have a bunch of former VBLers in the system- in fact, right at this moment there are 7, with 4 of them on the same team- Delmarva, in the South Atlantic League. (This makes it easy to check on their stats, by the way.)

So let’s take a look at the four:

  • Ben Breazeale (Harrisonburg 2014): Ben is hitting 218/337/359 in 78 at-bats so far, but he’s 10-33 in his last 10 games, including going 3-5 with a home run on May 10th. He was very good in his pro debut at Aberdeen in 2017.
  • Trevor Craport (Harrisonburg 2016): The third baseman has acquitted himself well in pro ball so far, both at Aberdeen in 2017 and Delmarva so far in 2018. He’s hitting 292/344/469, including going 13-40 in his last 10 games.
  • Zach Jarrett (Woodstock 2014): Zach has improved an astronomical amount already. In 2017, at Aberdeen, he hit 201/252/288 in 139 at-bats. So far this year, at a higher level, he’s hitting 310/385/540 in 126 at-bats, with 6 doubles, a triple, and 7 home runs.
  • Reed Hayes (Staunton 2015): Reed has improved a bit, too. In 2017, at Aberdeen, he went 2-2, 5.89, with a 1.255 WHIP, 1.0 BB/9, and 6.4 K/9. So, besides BB/9, Reed has improved to 0-0, 1.80, with 7 saves, a 1.133 WHIP, 5.4 BB/9, and 7.2 K/9. He’s almost halfway already to joining the minor league record book for saves in a season (he needs 18 to join).

I hope to watch this team at some point this summer, and get some updated photos!



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