Checking In With Canzone, Hyman, and Peek

It’s a new day, so it’s time to catch up with a new set of three VBL alumni who have had good college seasons.

Remember, if you, Brilliant Reader, know of someone who should be covered, drop me a line!

Today, we will take a look at Dominic Canzone (Front Royal 2017), Danton Hyman (Woodstock 2016-17), and Zach Peek (Strasburg 2017).

  • Dominic Canzone was one of the best hitters in the league in 2017, and he received high marks from the scouting community as well. ATVL was keeping an eye on his sophomore year at Ohio State, and was not disappointed. Canzone has hit 332/397/426 in 238 at-bats, with 49 runs, 34 RBIs, 79 hits, 17 doubles, a triple, 4 home runs, an excellent 26/27 BB/K ratio, and even 14 stolen bases in 16 attempts. With the conference tournament to go, he leads the Buckeyes in runs, hits, and stolen bases, while second in doubles and total bases (110).
  • Danton Hyman has been a top hitter in the Valley for two years- both 2016 and 2017. His game is much more slash-and-run than some others, but he’s been excellent now for three years at Newberry. This season, he hit 381/483/455 in 189 at-bats, with 48 runs, 28 RBIs, 72 hits, 12 doubles, 1 triple, an oustanding 33/21 BB/K ratio, and 26 stolen bases in 33 attempts. He led his team in walks and stolen bases, and finished second in runs, hits, and doubles.
  • Zach Peek, a 6-foot-3 sophomore righthander, also, like Canzone, has at least his conference tournament to go. So far, he’s gone 5-5, 3.69, with a 1.12 WHIP, .232 batting average against, 2.2 BB/9, and 9.8 K/9 in 83 innings pitched. He leads his team in innings, strikeouts (90), WHIP, BB/9, and K/9. He’s second in wins, ERA, and batting average against.

Congrats to all three!

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