With roughly a week to go, let’s take a quick look at the standings and playoff races in both divisions!

North W L PCT GB
Purcellville 21 13 0.618
Front Royal 20 14 0.588 1
New Market 17 17 0.500 4
Winchester 17 17 0.500 4
Strasburg 13 20 0.394 7.5
Woodstock 4 30 0.118 17

With Woodstock eliminated, the North is down to five teams for four spots. The story lines seem to be two right now: Front Royal, seemingly in charge of the division just a couple days ago, has now lost 5 contests in a row, and the Cannons have zoomed past. The Cardinals play a doubleheader tonight against Woodstock, so things might look differently tomorrow.

The other story is if Strasburg can make a run at the last two spots, the spots held by New Market and Winchester. The Express play the Rebels tonight, in what isn’t exactly a must win, but it’s a pretty important game.

South W L PCT GB
Covington 22 13 0.629
Charlottesville 21 15 0.583 1.5
Waynesboro 21 16 0.568 2
Staunton 18 18 0.500 4.5
Harrisonburg 18 19 0.486 5

I must admit; the Turks looked to be cooked just a few days ago, but with 4 straight wins, the squad is the hottest in the division, and has closed to just a loss behind the Braves for the last spot. The top three teams are within 2 games, which could make for an awesome ending. Seemingly everything is in play with this set of teams right now, as literally nothing is decided.

Tune in tomorrow for more updates on results, top performers, and if time, an updated look at the standings. I would also like to post a power rankings soon, if time permits.