A Look at the Playoff Chase

With two days and seemingly countless games remaining on the schedule, let’s take a look at the playoff chase through Thursday night. (The games aren’t countless, of course; it just seems like it.)

North W L PCT GB
Purcellville 23 15 0.605
Front Royal 22 16 0.579 1
New Market 21 17 0.553 2
Winchester 19 20 0.487 4.5
Strasburg 16 22 0.421 7
Woodstock 5 34 0.128 18.5

The North has been hit the hardest with the rainouts. With only 2 days left, all teams have 3 or 4 games left to play. Woodstock is eliminated, Strasburg is on the edge of elimination, but first place is up for grabs with three teams within 2 games. Much, much more will be clear after today’s games, since New Market and Purcellville play 3 games apiece, and Front Royal plays 2. (Front Royal plays 2 on Saturday as well.)

South W L PCT GB
Covington 25 15 0.625
Charlottesville 24 16 0.600 1
Waynesboro 22 18 0.550 3
Staunton 19 21 0.475 6
Harrisonburg 19 21 0.475 6

Two big questions here: will the Jacks hold off the Tom Sox for the first seed, and, of course, who will make the playoffs between the Turks and the Braves. They play tonight is a hugely crucial game! Waynesboro can catch the Tom Sox, but can not catch Covington, so the Jacks have clinched a top two seed.

Much more coming tomorrow morning!

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