League Record Book: Batting Average

Today we start the league record book, a series running parallel to the top hitters list.

These record books are only from 2004, which is the first year ATVL followed the league… and can therefore verify the numbers. The stats from before that are…. spotty, at best. (But Chaz Weaver is doing what he can on that front.)

The other thing to keep in mind is that these stats are the regular and the playoffs combined, because the stats used to be kept that way. So you’ll see some different numbers, like Andrew Eyster hit .421 in the regular season, but he’s at .406 below, because he hit “only” .345 in the playoffs.

Ready? Let’s go!

1 Michael Wielansky Charlottesville 2017 0.428
2 Brad Zebedis Strasburg 2011 0.420
3 Julian Ridings Waynesboro 2012 0.419
4 Luke Greinke Winchester 2007 0.417
5 Gunnar McNeill Staunton 2014 0.414
6 Shane Billings Harrisonburg 2015 0.406
Andrew Eyster New Market 2018 0.406
8 Jordan Tarsovich Strasburg 2013 0.405
9 Dominic Canzone Front Royal 2017 0.404
10 Cory Spangenberg Winchester 2010 0.399
11 Joe Kemp Harrisonburg 2004 0.396
Blake Sipe Staunton 2012 0.396
13 Chase Cheek Waynesboro 2018 0.394
14 Max Wood Staunton 2017 0.389
15 Mike Garza Woodstock 2010 0.388

Eyster became the 9th player in the past 15 seasons to top .400, and Chase Cheek (Duke) just missed, slotting in at 13th. Michael Wielansky still rules the roost with his amazing 2017 season.

The highest recorded average in the Valley League is Lou Meadows’s .466, for Staunton in 1981.

Major Leaguers: Cory Spangenberg
Previously in Pro Ball: Julian Ridings, Luke Greinke, Jordan Tarsovich, Joe Kemp, Mike Garza
Currently in Pro Ball: Michael Wielansky (Short season-A Tri-City), Shane Billings (Double-A Springfield)
Still in College: Andrew Eyster (South Carolina), Dominic Canzone (Ohio State), Chase Cheek (Duke)
Finished College, No Pro Ball: Brad Zebedis, Gunnar McNeill, Blake Sipe, Max Wood

By Team:

  • Staunton- 3
  • Winchester, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Strasburg- 2
  • Charlottesville, Woodstock, New Market, Front Royal- 1
Wielansky before game resized
The best batting average in 15 years: Michael Wielansky!

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