Perfect Game Top Ten Prospects

The third list has been published! Like ATVL and Baseball America before, today we have the top ten prospects list from Perfect Game:

1. Andrew Eyster, OF, New Market (South Carolina)
2. Trey Jacobs, 3B, Staunton (UNC Pembroke)
3. Oraj Anu, OF, New Market (Wallace CC)
4. Jeremy Cook, LHP, Staunton (Miami)
5. Chase Cheek, OF, Waynesboro (Duke)
6. William Simoneit, C, Staunton (Cornell)
7. Kyle Arjona, RHP, Harrisonburg (New Orleans)
8. Fred Villarreal, RHP, Waynesboro (Houston)
9. JD Mundy, INF, Covington (Virginia Tech)
10. Graham Ashcraft, RHP, Waynesboro (Mississippi State)

I have to tell you, Brilliant Reader, putting these three lists together is fascinating. PG’s list includes just one player who did not make the other lists- JD Mundy. All the others have been mentioned already.

Let’s do a rubric! Ten points for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd, etc… who got the most points across all three lists?

1. Andrew Eyster, New Market- 29 pts
2. Oraj Anu, New Market- 21
3. Jeremy Cook, Staunton- 20
4. Fred Villarreal, Waynesboro- 18
5. Will Simoneit, Staunton- 14
T6. Rafe Schindler, Harrisonburg- 11
T6. Kyle Arjona, Harrisonburg- 11
T8. Trey Jacobs, Staunton- 10
T8. Chase Cheek, Waynesboro- 10
T10. Alex Brait, Waynesboro- 5
T10. Trevin Eubanks, New Market- 5
12. Dominic D’Alessandro, Charlottesville- 4
T13. JD Mundy, Covington- 2
T13. Anthony Zimmerman, Purcellville- 2
T13. Luke Berryhill, Purcellville- 2
T13. Graham Ashcraft, Waynesboro- 2
17. Jared Wetherbee, Charlottesville- 1

Eyster went 1st, 2nd, 1st (ATVL, BA, PG); Anu went 5th, 4th, 3rd; Cook went 8th, 1st, 4th; Villarreal went 4th, 3rd, 8th; Simoneit went 2nd, NR, 6th. There are our top five! Over 32 total spots ranked, 17 different players have been mentioned.

Well, as usual, time will tell how well any of the three lists told the future!

Andrew Eyster Santa Fe 2018 on base
Andrew Eyster (Santa Fe Athletics)

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