League Record Book: ERA

Let’s move our attention over to the pitchers’ side of things, starting with the best ERAs since the 2004 VBL season:

1 Aaron Cressley New Market 2013 0.62
2 Campbell Scholl Waynesboro 2016 0.91
3 Erne Valdes Front Royal 2016 1.04
4 Daniel Thorpe Aldie 2013 1.10
Richard Winters Woodstock 2013 1.10
6 Drew Rucinski Luray 2008 1.13
7 Ben Wade Covington 2005 1.17
8 Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 1.26
Lance Baxter Staunton 2008 1.26
10 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 1.29

Interesting that no pitcher has joined this in the last two years, but 2 of the top 3 came from 2016.

The breakdown:

Major leaguers: Drew Rucinski
Current minor Leaguers: Erne Valdes
Previous minor leaguers: Aaron Cressley, Robert Gilliam, Lance Baxter, Dustin Umberger
Current college players: None
No pro ball: Campbell Scholl, Daniel Thorpe (pitched in Indy Ball in 2014 and 2015), Ricky Winters, Ben Wade

By team:

  • Luray- 3
  • New Market, Waynesboro, Front Royal, Aldie, Woodstock, Covington, and Staunton- 1

Aaron Cressley was amazing for the Rebels in 2013. In the regular season, he went 4-0, 0.62, with 32 hits, 17 walks, and 37 K’s in 43 innings pitched. He gave up 3 runs, all earned, all season long. Three. And of those 32 hits, 3 were doubles, but he allowed no triples or home runs. Then in the playoffs, he started 2 more games; his stats were like this: 1-1, 0.60, 9 hits, 4 walks, 18 K’s in 15 innings pitched. Two doubles, 0 triples, 0 home runs.

He went on to be drafted in the 26th round of 2014 by the Padres, and pitched in 70 games in three minor league seasons.

Aaron Cressley


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