League Record Book: Strikeouts

We have reached the end of the league record book! (Of course, the minor league and major league records are still to come…)

So which pitchers have striuck out the most batter in one VBL season since 2004?

1 Tim Gudex Harrisonburg 2004 89
2 Dustin Umberger Luray 2007 88
3 Cody Weiss Luray 2010 87
4 Drew Granier Harrisonburg 2010 84
5 Robert Gilliam Luray 2007 81
6 Jeff Dagenhart New Market 2004 79
Josh Eidell Woodstock 2007 79
8 Kevin Herget Strasburg 2012 77
9 Omar Aguilar Covington 2004 76
Sean Stidfole Winchester 2004 76

This is another category that doesn’t get many new names, probably because pitchers just don’t get as many innings in the summer as they used to. In fact, no one has joined this list since Kevin Herget in 2012- that’s 6 VBL seasons! Chad Cooperman (Staunton) and Jared Wetherbee led in 2018 with 51 each, still more than 30% behind Aguilar and Stidfole. (John Radosevich struck out 212 for Harrisonburg in 1964, and Tommy Cook struck out 143 for Staunton in 1954. Obviously a different time!)

The breakdown:

Major Leaguers: None
Current Minor Leaguers: Kevin Herget
Previous Minor Leaguers: Tim Gudex, Dustin Umberger, Cody Weiss, Drew Granier, Robert Gilliam, Omar Aguilar, Sean Stidfole
No pro experience: Jeff Dagenhart, Josh Eidell
Current College Players: None, of course, if the last entry is from 2012!


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