2018 Double-A Hitter of the Year

Moving right along, today we have the best hitter in Double-A who also happens to be a Valley League alumnus. Our hitter and pitcher of the year at this level is chosen from the Texas, Southern, and Eastern Leagues.


2017- Rudy Flores (Haymarket 2010)
2016- D.J. Hicks (Luray 2009)
2015- Chad Oberacker (Fauquier 2009)
2014- Cory Spangenberg (Winchester 2010)
2013- Tommy La Stella (Haymarket 2009)
2012- Eric Campbell (Luray 2006)
2011- Tyler Kuhn (Luray 2006-07)
2010- Clint Robinson (Harrisonburg 2005-06)

Rudy Flores Jackson 2018 headshotOur 2018 winner is also our first repeat winner: Rudy Flores (Haymarket 2010)! Rudy has won the hitter of the year award in 2014 in full season A-ball, and 2017 and 2018 in Double-A. In 2018, Rudy hit 281/381/468 in 438 at-bats for Jackson in the Southern League. He scored 60 runs, drove in 75, hit 25 doubles, 3 triples, and 17 home runs, and had a 57/124 BB/K ratio. He was a 21st round draft pick in 2012 of the Diamondbacks, and he’s just completed his 7th year in the minor leagues. Rudy was one of the best hitters in the VBL in 2010; he hit 405/447/579 in 121 at-bats for the Senators.

Others to Consider:

  • Michael Brosseau (Waynesboro 2015), for Montgomery: 262/327/449 in 370 at-bats, with 53 runs, 61 RBIs, 24 doubles, 3 triples, 13 home runs, 11 stolen bases, 29/74 BB/K ratio.
  • Billy Fleming (Front Royal 2012), for Trenton: 298/356/488 in 168 at-bats, with 22 runs, 23 RBIs, 12 doubles, 1 triple, 6 home runs, and a 16/35 BB/K ratio.
  • Ryan McBroom (Haymarket 2011-12), also for Trenton: 324/378/510 in 102 at-bats, with 13 runs, 14 RBIs, 5 doubles, 1 triple, 4 home runs, and a 7/27 BB/K ratio. Ryan will be listed in the Triple-A others, too.

Rudy Flores swinging Jackson

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