2018 Triple-A Hitter of the Year

We’ve reached the top of the minor leagues, finally- Triple-A! The players eligible for this “award” played in either the International or Pacific Coast League.


2017- Tyler White (Haymaket 2010)
2016- Stephen Cardullo (Covington 2007)
2015- Tyler White (Haymarket 2010)
2014- Clint Robinson (Harrisonburg 2005-06)
2013- Eric Campbell (Luray 2006)
2012- Joey Butler (New Market 2006)
2011- Collin Cowgill (Covington 2005)
2010- Yonder Alonso (Luray 2006)

Tyler White Fresno headshot 2018Wow, this is crazy- for the third time in the past four years, ATVL’s Triple-A Hitter of the Year is Tyler White (Haymarket 2010)! A 33rd round draft pick out of Western Carolina in 2013, Tyler has done nothing but hit in the minor leagues. In fact, he has now won the Triple-A award in 2015, 2017, and 2018, the Short-Season A award in 2013, and the Rookie Level award, also in 2013. He’s slashed a combined 305/404/509 in 1,896 minor league at-bats. Wow. Anyway, in 2018, Tryler hit 333/444/569 in 255 at-bats for Fresno. He added 55 runs, 53 RBIs, 18 doubles, 14 home runs, and an outstanding 46/39 BB/K ratio. He spent much of his season in the majors, and hit well enough that he shouldn’t get too many more minor league at-bats.

Others to Consider:

  • Eric Campbell (Luray 2006): Eric hit 313/420/445 in 326 at-bats for New Orleans, with 54 runs, 68 RBIs, 21 doubles, 2 triples, 6 home runs, and a 58/61 BB/K ratio. And 8 stolen bases!
  • Cory Spangenberg (Winchester 2010): Cory showed he belonged in the major leagues after only 88 at-bats for El Paso, in which he hit 341/383/614, with 14 runs, 16 RBIs, 8 doubles, 2 triples, 4 home runs, 3 stolen bases, and a 6/30 BB/K ratio.
  • Sherman Johnson (Covington 2009-10): 277/359/459 in 148 at-bats for Salt Lake, with 32 runs, 14 RBIs, 7 doubles, 4 triples, 4 home runs, and a 20/47 BB/K ratio.
  • Mac Williamson (Harrisonburg 2011): 269/372/533 in 182 at-bats for Sacramento, with 31 runs, 44 RBIs, 7 doubles, 1 triple, 13 home runs, and a 23/44 BB/K ratio. He was about to break through in the majors, in my opinion, when he received a concussion for the Giants. Maybe he’ll break though in 2019…
  • Ryan McBroom (Haymarket 2011-12): In 359 at-bats for Scranton, Ryan hit 295/339/443, with 49 runs, 46 RBIs, 18 doubles, 1 triple, 11 home runs, and a 25/106 BB/K ratio.

Tyler White Houston HR 2018

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