Baseball America Preseason Draft Prospects, Part II

Part II of Baseball America’s conference previews, in which they name the top draft prospects, follows:

Ivy League

  • Will Simoneit (Staunton 2018), from Cornell, is the league’s 9th best draft prospect according to BA. The big catcher was ATVL’s 12th best hitter in the 2018 summer, and made both Perfect Game’s and ATVL’s top prospect lists.
  • Pat McColl (Charlottesville 2018), from Harvard, is right behind Simoneit at #10. But last summer, Pat was ranked just ahead of him, as the 11th best hitter.


  • Former Staunton Brave Jordan Fucci (2016), a redshirt junior from Samford, is the league’s 3rd best draft prospect. Jordan played in only seven games in college before an injury last spring, and hit 152/191/229 in 105 at-bats for the Braves in 2016.


  • Aron Solis (Waynesboro 2018), the senior righthander from Texas Southern, is the 6th best draft prospect in the league. Aron pitched mostly in relief last summer, and was the 11th best reliever in the league.


  • Graham Ashcraft (Waynesboro 2018), a new transfer to UAB, is not only the 3rd top newcomer to the league, according to BA, but also the 8th best draft prospect. Graham was also the 10th best prospect in the VBL according to both Perfect Game and ATVL.
  • Rey Pastrana (Front Royal 2016), a catcher from Marshall, is the 13th best draft prospect in the league. Rey was also named to the NCBWA preseason 3rd team All-American team.
  • Vinnie Pasquantino (Charlottesville 2017), the 13th best hitter in the VBL in ’17, is the 14th best draft prospect in Conference USA. Vinnie missed some time in the 2018 college season because of a bad back.

Junior College Division II

  • Hayden Leatherwood (Staunton 2018) wins the big prize- BA has named him the preseason Player of the Year. An Ole Miss signee, Hayden was awesome in 2018, slashing 388/497/905 in 116 at-bats, with 9 doubles, 3 triples, 15 home runs, and a 26/25 BB/K ratio. He was 1st Team All-MACJC and NJCAA All-Region 23. He was 10-51 for the Braves last summer.

Division II

  • Former Winchester Royal (2018) Jake Posey, from Montevallo, is a draft prospect (they weren’t ranked in this section).  For the Royals, Jake went 2-1, 3.93 in 14 games and 16 innings pitched.



    • The simple answer to this is no, unfortunately, as most major league organizations are looking for future possible performance over current performance. Of course, good numbers are certainly better than mediocre or poor numbers, and there have been numerous examples of players getting drafted because a scout was at the game watching someone else, and that other player excelled. To be fair, I’ve been trying to figure out the draft for a long time now…. and I’m still working at it…

      • What if this player was younger, taller, and possibly had more tools? Is it just possible that some guys will always be destined to get unnoticed, even if they might have what it takes?
        Thanks for the response by the way!

      • Absolutely it’s possible! Every single year guys slip through the cracks- last year, for example, Brandon Quaranta went undrafted after four years of amazing production in college. So…. do you have someone I should write about?

  1. I was looking into the top relievers list and noticed a kid named Dalton Oates. His numbers seemed to be pretty good for the cannons, and for the amount of innings pitched and not one start? Maybe I’m wrong but he seemed like he possibly should’ve made this list. That’s only my opinion though!

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