Some Travel Notes

Just a programming note or two:

I’m travelling from Kenya to Virginia today. We have stuffed all our earthly belongings into six bags, and will close up the house, turn in the keys, and get ready for a new life on the other side. With our dog.

The trip from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Dulles is a grueling, 20+ hour marathon. We will take the redeye to Amsterdam, and then the morning flight to Virginia.

All this to say that the stats for Wednesday night’s games, if done like normally, will need to be culled in an airport. I will obviously be dependant on public Wi-Fi, sooooo there are a few possibilities over the next couple days:

  1. The post about Wednesday’s VBL games, and Thursday’s games as well, will be published like normal, except maybe at different times. (Wi-Fi works great, and I find a place to work, and I can connect when we arrive in DC as well.)
  2. Wednesday’s games show up as normal, but Thursday’s games are published late.
  3. Neither day shows up until sometime on Friday, or Saturday…. or even one post that will cover several days at once.

Well, folks, I guess what I’m trying to say is that the next few days might be (no- most likely will be) nuts. I’ll do my best to do things as normal, but it might not be possible.

But I’ll soon enough have a new routine on the other side of the pond!

Stay tuned stamp

One comment

  1. Safe journey and successful transition, John. You’ve earned a couple of days on the bench to avoid a rehab assignment.

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