Power Rankings #4

It’s Monday! That means power rankings…. and we’re up to the 4th overall list.

Each team will be ranked, along with won-loss record, runs scored/runs allowed, batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage, team ERA, and team WHIP… and last week’s ranking.

Remember that it’s just one guy’s opinion… and all this is pretty ridiculous anyway.

The Cream of the Crop

  1. Strasburg Express: 16-6, 154/108 RS/RA, 272/369/426, 3.65 ERA, 1.46 WHIP- last week 1st. The world is upside down; the Express are pitching! Mason Kenney leads the starting staff with 3 wins and a 1.75 ERA.
  2. Waynesboro Generals: 15-8, 172/118, 280/398/417, 4.01, 1.45- last week 3rd. Zac Cole has this team playing well… sort of like the 2018 New Market Rebels at the end of last year….
  3. Charlottesville Tom Sox: 14-8, 162/122, 296/401/416, 4.52, 1.49- last week 2nd. The best team batting average and on-base percentage in the league.

The Middle

4. Staunton Braves: 11-12, 161/149, 274/373/399, 5.20, 1.59- last week 4th. Run differential of +12… are the Braves better than their record?

5. Harrisonburg Turks: 12-11, 124/120, 269/386/374, 3.84, 1.36- last week 5th. Best WHIP in the league by a pretty fair margin. As usual, the Turks are hanging their hats on the pitching side.

6. Woodstock River Bandits: 12-11, 151/160, 286/388/406, 5.95, 1.80- last week 7th. The Bandits are getting terrific hitting from Aidan Nagle, Caleb Ward, and Lael Lockhart. Will they pitch enough to jump up a level?

7. Covington Lumberjacks: 12-11, 108/129, 268/360/360, 5.22, 1.51- last week 6th. Logan Amiss is hitting .421 for the Jacks.

Teams With Work To Do

8. Purcellville Cannons: 9-14, 144/170, 274/381/403, 5.69, 1.85- last week 11th. The Cannons have won 5 games in a row, and are the week’s largest riser.

9. New Market Rebels: 11-14, 123/157, 220/333/293, 5.73, 1.61- last week 8th. The team is barely clearing a .600 OPS as a team at this point.

10. Winchester Royals: 9-15, 146/159, 259/368/358, 6.00, 1.85- last week 9th. Jeremiah Boyd leads the team with 5 home runs.

11. Front Royal Cardinals: 7-18, 115/170, 233/339/326, 5.55, 1.80- last week 10th. Trey Fields is getting it done on the mound and at the plate.

That’s it for this week!


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