The Valley League regular season has less than a week remaining, so it’s obviously time to look at playoff scenarios!

We’ll start with the North:

North W L Pct. GB
1 Strasburg 22 13 0.629
2 Woodstock 21 16 0.568 2
3 New Market 17 20 0.459 6
4 Winchester 16 21 0.432 7
5 Purcellville 13 22 0.371 9
6 Front Royal 13 24 0.351 10
  1. Strasburg has clinched a top-three playoff spot. The squad has seven games to play: @New Market, Waynesboro, @Charlottesville, New Market, @Staunton, Front Royal, @Winchester. The biggest question is will the Express hold off Woodstock to win its second-ever North regular season title.
  2. Woodstock has also clinched a playoff spot. Five games left: @Covington, @New Market, Winchester, @New Market, @Front Royal. Can the Bandits go last-to-first?
  3. New Market has a one game lead on 4th place Winchester, but is four games back of #2 Woodstock. Five games left: Strasburg, Woodstock, @Strasburg, Woodstock, @Purcellville.
  4. Winchester has a full two-game lead for the last playoff spot. Five games left: @Staunton, Harrisonburg, @Woodstock, @Purcellville, Strasburg.
  5. Purcellville’s run of two straight North championships has ended. They have work to do to catch Winchester, but it’s possible. Seven games left: Front Royal, Staunton doubleheader, @Covington, @Front Royal, Winchester, New Market.
  6. Front Royal surely hasn’t quit. Third place is still within reach with five games left: @Purcellville, @Charlottesville, Purcellville, @Strasburg, Woodstock.

The South:

South W L Pct. GB
1 Waynesboro 25 10 0.714
2 Charlottesville 23 13 0.639 2.5
3 Staunton 17 18 0.486 8
4 Covington 17 19 0.472 8.5
5 Harrisonburg 14 22 0.389 11.5
  1. Waynesboro has clinched a top-two position with seven games to play: Harrisonburg doubleheader, @Strasburg, @Covington, Charlottesville, @Harrisonburg, @Staunton.
  2. Charlottesville hasn’t clinched a spot, but it’s close. Six games left: @Covington, Front Royal, Strasburg, @Waynesboro, @Covington, @Harrisonburg.
  3. Staunton is in a battle with Covington for the 3rd seed. Seven games remaining with only one road trip: Winchester, @Purcellville doubleheader, Harrisonburg, Covington, Strasburg, Waynesboro.
  4. Covington remains three games ahead of the Turks for the last playoff spot in the South. Six games left, and like Staunton, the team only goes on the road one more time: Charlottesville, Woodstock, Purcellville and Waynesboro on the same day, @Staunton, Charlottesville.
  5. Harrisonburg has been to the playoffs nine straight years- currently tied with Waynesboro for the longest such streak… but it’s in jeopardy. The Turks are three back of the last spot with six to play: @Waynesboro doubleheader, @Winchester, @Staunton, Waynesboro, Charlottesville.

Playoff Scenarios